At this time we at Gcom Group aim to specialize in food service enterprises by assisting in the forging of domestic alliances together with an aim to strongly focus on Asian business areas.

Along with a focus on the growth of our network of over 1,000 businesses both foreign and domestic proceeding with increasing efficiency and our ideal of our founding principle of kyozonkyoei (coexistence and mutual prosperity).

We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to our employees, our FC-affiliated enterprises and everyone else with whom we have the pleasure of doing business. Last but by no means least, we would of course like to thank the group's faithful customers for their loyal patronage.

The Group will make continuous efforts to meet the highest expectations and aims to achieve a postiion that serves as a benchmark for others in the food service and franchising fields.

Your continued support for the Group is greatly appreciated.

Hideo Sugimoto, President,
G.communication Co., Ltd.

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